Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello blog, remember me!

Wow have I neglected the blog for a while. Once summer hit we have been super, crazy, fun busy and I have had a hard time documenting it. I also got an Iphone recently and with that came the app Instagram which has been great for taking pictures and posting them directly to facebook and twitter but not so good about posting them here.

We had a great time in July at Ruggles beach as always. We feel so blessed to have such great friends and family there and the memories created are so special.




I also have started a new job which has consumed a lot of my time. I am now an independent CAbi consultant, a great clothing line and company that sells designer clothes in the home. Mike and I have prayed about this decision and I know that God is leading me to try something completely outside my comfort zone. Yet I know that when I stretch myself or even fail(of course I hope I don't) that it keeps me dependent on God and that is always where I want to be. I got to to travel to California for the first time for training which was fun, exciting and tiring, i flew my first Red eye!

So now we have a month or so before the kids go back to school, my little Will is going to be in first grade and my beautiful Abby in third. I will have both kids in school all day for the first time ever, that is going to be an interesting transition I am sure.
I hope that once the kids get in school I can focus more on keeping up on the blog and putting in writing the simple blessings that God places in my life daily. I never want to stop recognizing them or thanking him for them.