Monday, March 22, 2010

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Well Abby joined Girl Scouts for the first time this year, actually she is a Daisy soon to be Brownie. One of the perks, other than the fabulous cookies, is a Daddy/Daughter dance. This past Saturday, Abby and Mike got to dress up, eat dinner together and dance the night away.

The Theme was Hollywood Nights and they had a red carpet entrance and people snapping pictures like Paparazzi. They had a great time hanging out together. Will and I rented a Transformer movie and he got his favorite meal(McDonalds of course). It was a very fun night for all of us. I let Abby wear make-up, which she was thrilled about and she wore the flower girl dress from my brother's wedding. I love our whole family time but it is nice when we get to focas one on one with the kids as well.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Show us your life- Your typical day

Check out Kelly's Korner where lots of mommies are sharing their typical day. It is kind of fun to compare days and maybe get some great ideas to shake up the normal routine. My schedule varies from day to day, with Abby being in first grade all day and Will attending preschool most days. My mornings are pretty much the same, the kids are my alarm clock and get up around 7am. The kids play around and watch a little tv(they love trading spaces kids that comes on at 7 or 730 in the morning. They eat breakfast around 8 am and then we are off to school by 855 for Abby and Will by 930am.

Depending on the morning I have BSF or women's prayer group, some mornings I meet a friend to walk, schedule my Md appts/hair appts or head to the grocery. I feel blessed at this stage of my life to have some much treasured free time in the morning. As a stay at home mom I know the pains of not having any free time to schedule appts or run errands. Will is home at 1pm and Abby by 345 pm. We play around, eat a snack and then wait for daddy to get home around 6-630pm for dinner. The kids wrestle with daddy after dinner or we all play a game. Then bath, bedtime and prayers around 8pm.

We try to keep our evenings mostly free but on Mondays Abby has gymnastics at 630(which is kind of nice because daddy actually gets to come and see her perform) and on Wednesdays we have small groups at the church. I really have two great kids and enjoy the time I get to spend with them. I can't believe in two years both kids will be in school all day, that seems really weird.

Thanks for looking at my day, I am looking forward to checking out all the other mom's days.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mini Mani!!!

This past Saturday my husband and my little boy were invited to the Ohio State vs Michigan Basketball game. So while the boys were out I wanted to do something fun with Abby. I decided to head over to the Polaris mall and take her to Sweet and Sassy for a mini manicure. This was our first time their and Abby had a wonderful time. You can have birthday parties there, get your hair done, have pedicures/manicures as well as make your own glitter lotion or lip gloss. It is definitely a great place for mothers/daughters to hang out.

Abby chose hot pink nail polish, she got a pink butterfly ring and had tiny flower stickers put on one of her nails.

She got to put her hands under a nail dryer and they put two glitter stars on her cheek. It was alot of fun and I look forward to taking her back soon for a pedicure. Then we went to eat at California Pizza kitchen and had a yummy meal. The highlight of the whole trip was this picture:

Abby saw her first real typewriter and flipped out. She loves the American Girl movie Kit Kittridge and was amazed she saw a real typewriter. She was giddy the rest of the afternoon. I am thinking about getting her a vintage one for her birthday or Christmas, Etsy had a couple cute ones for sale.

It was a fun day for the girls and for the boys. This one on one time is so important for each child and I am grateful that our kids still treasure hanging out with us. Thankyou for this opportunity Lord.