Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hearing God's Voice

I just started a personal summer bible study called "What Happens When Women say Yes to God" by Lysa Terkeurst. In the second chapter on hearing God's voice the author reveals a simple prayer she starts each morning to help her communicate with God and hear his voice. I found the prayer encouraging and helpful so I thought I would post a little summary of it.

Dear God, please give me the desire to want you more than anything else. I ask for the discipline to make my relationship with you top priority. Please give me the discernment to know the difference between my own thoughts and God's voice. I ask for clear direction at each crossroad in my life and that my relationship with you be characterized by sheer joy rather than a sense of duty. Amen

Well that about sums up what I continue to strive my relationship with God to be. Thank you God that I am a work in progress and that you are more than willing and able to shape me into the woman you want me to be.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ten wonderful years

This past weekend my wonderful husband and I celebrated our ten year anniversary. He suprised me by planning a whole weekend of fun events including a suprise destination. We went to Cincinnati for the weekend, which was nice because I really wanted to drive somewhere rather than fly, I just like being able to be close to the kids in case we are needed. Needless to say this was a perfect place to go because this is where Mike and I started our married life together.

We went to an amazing steak house called Jeff Ruby's and then to the show Jersey Boys. The show was awesome, probably one the top one or two I have been to. The music was amazing and the singers sounded just like the original Four Seasons. It was funny because I was too young for their music but was suprised how many songs I actually knew. The next day we drove around Montgomery and Blue Ash and took a look at our old apartment and condo, we had some great memories there and look forward to bringing the kids there some day to visit as well. After that we went and watch the Reds play the Boston Red SOx, it was a great game that went to ten innings, it would have been even better if the Reds had won.

Overall it was a great relaxing weekend, a time to reconnect with out being interrupted by our two lovely children. Thanks to God for sending me a loving husband who truly does cherish me. I am so grateful to have a husband that not only honors God but honors me as well. Thank you for this blessing God.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Great News!!!!!

Today I was so very fortunate to recieve the news that my recent breast biopsy was negative. My husband and I were pretty sure that this would be the case but there is always that element of fear and doubt that creeps around. I felt like we really trusted God and his plan for my health and I did have a peace about it. Of course part of me also wondered if God's plan would be different then what I hoped for and would I really be strong enough to trust him if the outcome was different. Everytime I saw something about breast cancer this week I thought, was I supposed to see this because it is preparing me for having breast cancer. As I look back at the events of this week I see God providing specific answers to my specific prayers. The doctors and staff handled my case just the way I had prayed about and even though the biopsy was a little scary, what a peace of mind it has now provided for me.

I don't want to forget this time I had with God where he provided specifically for my needs and he gave me a peace I know I would not have had without him. I also don't want to forget how easy it was for Satan to creep into my thoughts trying to discourage me from trusting in the one who created me. I tell you that the love I felt for my two children and husband this week was overflowing. The possibility of having cancer made me cling to them more than ever and what a sweet time of hugs,kisses and bonding we had this week. How good is it of God to give me such a special blessing during an uncertain time

I pray today for each person who got the phone call today from their doctor and did not recieve the news they had been hoping and maybe even praying for. May they recieve comfort from the only one who can truly provide it. May they recieve blessings they never would have seen or recognized because of this journey they are about to embark on. Thankyou Father for your words of comfort: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". Jeremiah 29:11