Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Every Season - Nichole Nordeman

I rediscoverd this song by Nichole Nordeman and it gives me goose bumps every time. As we have just entered a new season take time to remember all that God is teaching us. I love the lyrics and they inspire me to think how God is always recreating mefor his good and his Glory. I hope everyone has a blessed fourth of July and God Bless.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun Summer Weekend

We had a great family weekend. We started off the weekend by seeing Toy Story 3 with our two kids. It was an adorable movie, full of laughter and touching moments. I cried like a baby at the end as my 5 year old son sat on my lap and you watch Andy head off to college. I know I have several years before that day comes but you can't help feel her sadness as her boy leaves the nest.

On Saturday we headed to Will's wiffleball game. It was super hot and Mike is the coach thus I became the co coach that day. The kids did well and Will hit his first home run of the season. We were proud and he was super pumped. After the game we watched the USA play their world cup game, although they lost I was proud that they got this far and that I actually watched all their games this World Cup. Soccer may be gaining some momentum in the US now. Then we took the kids over to Locker Soccer in Powell for Parents Night Out. Our typical babysitter was out of town so we snatched up the opportunity for babysitting at the place where our son plays soccer. So we headed to a new restaurant called Luce in Powell and enjoyed a wonderful meal together. We picked the kids up two hours later and were so happy that they had a blast!

On Sunday we headed to church and Will was very excited because he had been promoted to the big kid room with his sister, his exact words were "Hallelujah!". Then we headed home and Mike and I started staining our 5 year old playset, it was long overdue.

I love the balance of activity and down time we had this weekend. I loved hearing our Pastor speak as we have been out of town or in nursery for the past few weeks and missed his sermons. He preached on having the right perspective in our circumstances and that we should choose joy as Paul did while in prison. So I hope that this week will be filled with joy no matter what the circumstances. How can I not make that choice when I have the God of the universe beside me.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Will's Pre-K Graduation

Here is Will and his proud parents on graduation from Pre-k. We are so proud of the little boy Will has become and we know he will do super in kindergarten.

Here is my Mom with Will. We are fortunate that she is able to come up and celebrate these special moments with us.

Here was Will during his ceremony, don't you just love the hands in his pockets. They sang Psalm 100. They worked really hard over the past few weeks to memorize it and it was precious to see them sing it. I feel so blessed that both Will and Abby attended a Christian based pre-school. What a great foundation it has laid for the rest of their walk with Christ as well as their future education. I have been apart of NPCA for almost 6 years so I will be sad not to go there anymore. I can't believe both of my kiddos will be in elementary school this fall. Abby will do great in second grade for sure and I know she will show her little brother the ropes.

Thankyou Lord for the gift of my children, they are a blessing each and everyday. Sometimes I might have to search harder then others for it but it is there because they are a gift from you.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Show us your China Pattern

Over at Kellys Korner she is asking about china patterns. I picked mine out 12 years ago and am still using both. I did pick a fine and everday china. Early in our marriage I thought maybe I should have just picked an everyday china. Now that I am finally starting to host more family occasions I am grateful for the fine china I recieved as a wedding gift and continue to slowly add to it. I consider fine china as an investment, I didn't see much return those first few years but now I am truly grateful.

I chose a traditional fine china called Federal Platinum by Lenox. I love that this classic pattern will be in style for years to come. I can also change up the look down the road by adding some more colorful accent plates.

For my everyday I chose Mikasa Aztec Blue. I really had no idea what my colors were going to be in my kitchen so I chose this setting with its blue and somewhat brown undertones. I do like it still but I do hope to get a new set soon. Now that I know my style better and I love my kitchen, I think it will be easier to choose a pattern this time around.

Right now I really like this Ballard Designs antique white set. I figure if I get something neutral I can still use all my cool serving bowls and do not have to worry about everything coordinating. We will see, after looking at everyone else's patterns I am sure I will change my mind.

Monday, June 7, 2010

New York New York New York!!

I love that song by Alicia Keyes and jay z but it is not the reason behind the title of my latest blog post. In May Mike was blessed with a new position at JP Morgan Chase. We had been praying for a new opportunity for a while and he was contacted by a division in Chase about a new role in New York. Mike interviewed and was offered the job which he started about three weeks ago. Luckily he does not have to move to New York but he has been traveling there. Here are some NY style gifts he brought the kids after his last trip:

Although we are die hard Cincinnati Reds fans, Will is really into all sports and loves his Yankees jersey. He is allowed to wear it whenever but he must always stay true to his Reds

Abby just finished a unit at school about US symbols so she was super excited about having her own little Statue of Liberty. It is so neat how each child has different personalities and that gifts that Mike chose were perfect for each one.

We feel blessed that Mike was chosen for this new position. We know it will require some additional travel initially but we really feel like this is where God wants him to be. Thankyou Lord for the peace you have provided our family regarding Mike's new job. We are so grateful for answered prayers and we appreciate what you have taught us as we waited for your perfect timing.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May was Crazy

Wow did May fly by. I have so many things to talk about and can't believe it is over. I am going to post little bits at a time and hopefully I can cover everything. I will first start with Abby's first grade program. They practiced really hard in Music class for weeks to give a performance and it did not disappoint.

Here is Abby, back row fifth from the left, as they get ready to start. Abby, Will and Mommy after the program. They also gave us Mother's Day gifts, a cute handpainted pot with a flower. It is still alive one month later, YEAH!! Proud Daddy and his little ones! Grandma is here to enjoy the fun. Notice Will decided to do the peace sign in each photo. He has been into this for about a month. I am not going to be picky though because he looks happy in all the photos.