Monday, August 30, 2010

Will is in Kindergarten!!

Will is in Kindergarten, he was very happy his first day and very talkative. In Dublin they only go half days and so Will goes in the AM. He went Tuesday, Thursday and Friday last week so this week will be the first five day week.

Mike came on Thurday to wish Will the best and of course that was a great bonus for Will. I did not have a hard time sending him to kindergarten as he was actually gone longer for preschool then he will be for kindergarten. I am going to enjoy these half days with my little man. He is so full of energy and I am excited to see what fun adventures the afternoon will bring us.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Abby is in Second Grade!!

Abby started school on Monday, she is a big second grader. The summer was fun and fast but I can honestly say I am ready to get back into a routine. Here she is with her brother outside the school. I love that I have documented proof of their love for each other so that when they are fighting I can show them this picture to remind them.

Here is my Abby and me before she headed into school. One of the moms at the school offered to take a picture of us together, which was so nice. I love this girl.

Here is Abby as she poses outside our house, she looks so adorable. She looks like Kit Kittredge but with longer hair. We got this dress at target and I love the retro look with the socks and flats. I love that Abby is still in love with dresses and all things girly.

Abby has her first male teacher this year and he is super nice. Abby has a great group of kids in her class and I am excited to hear all the fun stories.


Our trip to Jasper was too beautiful not to put some pictures up. We stayed in a lovely cabin at the Fairmont Jasper. It was spacious and beautiful and so rustic.

Here is the beautiful lake we got to look at every morning. It was so cute in the early mornings as Papa would head down to the deck with some of the grandchildren with his coffee.

One morning we took a 45 minute bus ride to see Maligne Lake. Then we went on a boat tour and saw God's beauty up close. I know the picture doesn't fully capture the color of the water but it is the most beautiful aqua/teal color.

Another day we rode a tram up Mt. Whistler which is @7500 feet. We had great views of the mountains. The tram ride was beautiful but also a little scary being suspended mid air, but the end result was worth it.

We had such an amazing trip, our travel was safe and smooth. We got to experience so many new things together as a family, I am so grateful for the wonderful memories.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lake Louise

We were blessed this past week to travel to Canada with Mike's family to celebrate his parents 40th wedding anniversary. What a blessing to witness Mike's parents commitment to God and each other and of course an added bonus to visit Canada. We started our journey by spending one night in Lake Louise. To say God has made some beautiful things is an understatement. When you read about God's creation in Genesis you can not even fathom what he really created until you get out there and see it. What a blessing to show my kids what our God has created for us to enjoy.

As we were driving to Lake Louise we say a rainbow, what an assurance of God's promise and that his presence was with us.

Here is Abby and Will with their two cousins Libby and Marie as we wait at Calgary airport to get our rental cars.

The view of Lake Louise from our hotel room

On Lake Louise cayaking with our family, it was a crisp and clear day.

More pictures of our stay at Jasper to come, the pictures do not capture all that we saw but they are pretty close.