Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

Next Monday(May 2nd) kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week. This year I have been wondering what to give the teachers that is simple, thoughtful and above all else, practical. Luckily there are a lot of talented, uber creative folks out there in the blogging world so I thought I would pass on a few of their ideas, which I may totally use.

First head over to Skip to my Lou and check out all the cute craft ideas they have. What I love about their site is they have very easy projects for the less crafty like me and some more adventurous projects for the crafting queens. I especially like this idea called Appreciation 7 days a week using a pill box and filling it with cute sayings and teacher friendly items. I also just discovered this one today called Upcycled Containers with Printable Labels where she uses old crystal light containers to hold whoopie pies. Yummy!

Another great idea came from Eighteen25 that also features cute crafts and adorable printables. I love their idea called Quick and Cheesy Teacher Appreciation gifts where she makes a cute printable for swedish fish saying "Your are o'fishally the best".

So give these blogs some love and check them out. I just discovered them both over the past few months and have such fun checking out all their creativeness. I also wanted to document the links for myself as I usually forget where I saw something and I definitely want to remember these ideas. Good Luck with your teacher appreciation ideas!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.
-James 1:12

The past two weeks my little Abby has had to persevere a little. It is hard as a mom to watch but I know it builds character and confidence. If she can persevere with small things I know she can be strong and persevere in bigger things. I am only talking about swim team tryouts, nothing earth shattering or life altering but it did have an impact on who Abby is becoming.

Abby tried out for our community swim team, according to the swim guidelines she seemed to qualify. At her swim test she did as she was asked and was told "not this year" by the young lady running the test. There was little encouragement on how to improve or to try out again. Abby was devastated, she loves swimming, she wants to do this and she has several little friends who have done it and loved it. I came home defeated as well, did I misinterpret the requirements, should I have not had her tryout in the first place?

After discussing it with Mike and two friends whose daughters were on swim team I was encouraged to call the head coach and discuss the lack of feedback received and my disappointment with the whole process. Both of these women noted having to take their kids back 2 times in order to make the team. If Abby was clearly not ready that is fine, I don't want to be a "helicopter parent" but to not give much reason or guidance was not fine. She swims just as well as these two girls already on the team, it is 6-8 year old kids and I just wanted to be able to provide some info or instruction to Abby as to why she didn't make it. I am not a confrontational person, you could butt in front of me in line and I wouldn't utter a peep, so calling him was definitely out of my comfort zone. After speaking with the head coach he did provide feedback and welcomed her back for a second try. So Abby and I spent some quality time in the pool over the next two days and worked on all that he suggested. Abby really wanted to make the team and was diligent in her practice.

So about a week after her original tryout she passed the test with flying colors. We are officially registered for swim team and tomorrow morning I will find out which of the three teams she will be on. I am so grateful to those mom's for encouraging me to be an advocate for my child. I can only imaging how much she will improve after spending 6 weeks in the pool five days a week. I would have robbed Abby of the ability to persevere and overcome an obstacle and the opportunity to do something that will really benefit her in so many ways. Now had she not made the team after the second time we would have learned another lesson, that sometimes you don't get what you want but God always has a plan. I also know that that lesson will come all too soon, but for now we are enjoying Abby's accomplishment

So may I learn from my little Abby to persevere, in the small and big things. May we always persevere for Christ and our faith remain unshaken in the one who is unshakeable. Abby's reward for her current perseverance will be a medal or ribbon but our reward for standing up for Christ will be "the crown of life" . How awesome that will be!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Too Cute!

My eight year old daughter Abby is really coming into her own style. She and I went shopping recently and I noticed how her clothing choices have started to branch out a little. She has always loved skirts and dresses and anything girly but recently she has been exploring the whole leggings with shorts or leggings with skirts thing. She picked out this hat too and I thought it looked adorable on her. I always want Abby to feel confident in her choice of style. I love that she still wants my help picking out clothes but that she is also becoming a little more independent in so many ways.

Abby has always been fearful to to do things by herself. She never wanted or desired to go to the bathroom by herself in a restaurant, she didn't want to be dropped off for any practice at the door but always wanted me to walk her in. Lately she has started to show signs of confidence and maturity that are really a treat to watch. I love the balance she displays of being independent when appropriate but not trying to be more mature or older than she is. I think second grade has been a great confidence building year and I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

Thank you Abby for being the sweetest daughter I could ever ask for. The joy and pride I feel in being bestowed the honor of being your mom is immeasurable. Our God knew how much we needed each other and I am forever grateful. I love you!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring is coming finally!!

So with the warmer weather finally here in Columbus I decided to go to my favorite Hobby Lobby and buy some spring accents to update my mantle and apothecary jars. For some reason I am on a bird theme, which is not like me at all, but I will roll with it.

This cute birdhouse matches the Yellow on my family room walls perfectly. I think it says spring with out saying I'm country. It is also the perfect height to fit under my mirror on the mantle.

I found some moss at Hobby Lobby as well and then they sold these two little bird's nests and little eggs so I placed them in the two apothecary jars I have in each of my bathrooms.

Now I just need to find some springlike picture frames for my mantle an I am good to go.

I also downloaded this free subway art to put on my living room, here is the link if you want to print out your own. http://todaysfabulousfinds.blogspot.com/2011/03/spring-subway-art-prints.html