Thursday, February 26, 2009

Housing Chart

I found this to be staggering. The video is a little long but worth watching. It is amazing that no one else talks about this stuff. I know it can be overwhelming to focas on the current economic situation but I also think we should be informed and prepared. Dear Lord please grant some common sense on Washington, please let there be some bright stars on capital hill who can wisely help us make the best decisions for my children's future. If things need to be tough for a while in order to get us back on solid footing, then so be it. I just want to trust someone in government again. I know that my hope and trust is first found in you but while we are down here on earth, please raise up some leaders who seek your guidance as well. Please be with those who have been hit the hardest, may their faith in you be strengthened and may we as Christians help our fellow brothers in need.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dance Party!!!

***Remember to turn down the music on the bottom left of blog to listen to video****
Well this is not the typical music I have the kids listening to at my house but this song has a little history for our family. Over Christmas my younger brother showed me an SNL clip with Beyonce singing her "Single Ladies" song and Justin Timberlake as her back up dancer. It was extremely funny and I kept thinking about it so I downloaded the song from itunes and then burned onto a cd. My little brother also told me that when his son listened to the song he called it "Single lex". So about a month later I was flipping through tv channels and the video was on MTV and Will heard it. Later on in the week I was listening to it in the car and Will said play the "Single lex" song again. Now Will did not know that my nephew Colin called the song this, so I found it very funny that he chose to title the song the same way. Now the song is a daily request from him. I think he really likes the beat of it and so we just sing along to the chorus. Luckily both my kids don't really pay attention to the lyrics so they don't understand the real purpose of the song. If you know that song I am hoping he does eventually know that he will eventually need to "put a ring on it".
So today I decided to video tape them dancing to it, Mike is out of town and I thought he would get a real kick out of watching his kids break it down. They of course cracked me up, Abby just kept running in and out of the shot but Will was the dancing machine. Can't wait to pull this video out years from now when Will has a serious girlfriend. Enjoy the dancing, it is a little long but about 1 to 1 and 1/2 minutes in Will shows some hints of break dancing, he does the 80's proud. Not sure what kind of dancing exactly goes on in Heaven but this family will definitely be game for it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great Find

Mike and I have had a kid free weekend. Mike's parents graciously took the kids for a "Nona and Papa Adventure" weekend as we have come to call it. They went to the Newport Aquarium today and they had a blast. We are so grateful to have two sets of grandparents who love our kids so much and love to take them for the weekend. Well I got to go out and run some errands. I spent one hour in Hobby Lobby. Normally I do not venture to Hobby Lobby and if I do I have a very specific purpose. There are way too many breakables in this store and I usually have my kids in tow therefore it is clearly too risky. So I had so much fun looking around and then I found this scripture plaque. I have wanted to decorate my family room with something scriptural but wasn't sure what yet. I saw this wonderful plaque and put it front and center on my mantle, I enjoy looking at it as I sit here and type. Also this item was on sale, it cost me a whopping 7 dollars. Thankfully I know that the words written on the plaque are priceless because they are spoken by my heavenly father. What a great reminder for my family and I each day, especially when all the news has been so doom and gloom. Thanks Lord for your timeless words of scripture and that you share them with me freely.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Mommy Card

I just recieved these in the mail today. They are technically calling/business cards but since I am in the business of being a mommy, I call them my Mommy cards. It has my Name and monogram on front with my official title of Abby and Will's mom. On the back I had printed my home and cell number as well as my email. They also came in a cute pink and white polka dot tin that matches. I can't wait to pass my first one out. I love all the cool things I have found on God did not supply me with the gift of craftiness but I am happy to support that gift in others. Hope you all check out the mommy card sight and spend time checking out some other great finds as well.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Well Abby lost her first Top tooth the other day and this has been very eye opening. It is the first time that losing a tooth has affected her smile. She has lost some bottom teeth but she already had the permanent teeth growing in behind. It is also interesting because she has a little lisp on certain words now. We tried to have her say Sister Susie Sitting on a Thistle from the Two front teeth for Christmas song and it was very funny. We have several months before school pictures so I am wondering if the toothless grin will get captured or not. I remember looking back at pictures of me during the losing teeth phase and there were definitely some interesting ones. My little girl is growing up but she still has a sweet spirit to her. I pray that as she changes and grows physically that her relationship with her heavenly father grows as well. Thankyou Lord for my little girl, toothless grin and all.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Not Again!!!

Last night as I checked on the kiddos I found not only Will sleeping on the floor, but Abby as well. If you scroll down a few posts you will see what Will started doing a couple nights ago and now his sister has decided she doesn't want to miss out on the fun. The good news is that if this depression really does hit I know that I could sell their beds and they would be completely okay with it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Is our God amazing or what. This is the picture out my back window today. It was not only the most vibrant rainbow I have ever seen, it was also a double rainbow. There was intense rain, wind and then the sun came out and God provided a rainbow. What a powerful God, the same God the can bring wind and rain can bring the beauty of a rainbow as well. This all occurred within a few minutes, wind then rain then sun then rainbow. Thankyou Lord for your promise to Noah that you would never destroy the earth again with a flood and used a rainbow to seal the promise. Thank you that during these uncertain times you reveal yourself to us, you give us hope, you give us the gift of eternal life. I am truly blessed to be loved by you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Will's new bed

Well this is the second night that our little Will has created a new little bed for himself. He lays down a blanket on his rug, brings over the bedside table lamp and goes to sleep. As I was taking the above picture the following happened:

The flash must have awakened my sweet tired boy and he stood right up. I asked him if he wanted to get back in his bed and he did this:

He must have needed some time to think about it and ended up in the bed of his choice:

So tonight as I head to bed I will again gently pick up my sweet boy and place him in the bed that I think is probably the most comfortable one in the whole house. When I spoke with Will this morning about him falling asleep on the floor last night he looked at me in shock and said "How did you know that?". Oh this little boy never ceases to make me laugh. Thankyou for the blessing of both my children Lord. Thank you that they warm my heart with each day despite the frustrations that sometimes come with motherhood. May our lives warm your heart Lord and bring you glory as we strive to be the children you have hoped and known we could always be.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pursuit of What

"America's political system used to be about the pursuit of happiness. Now more and more of us want to stop chasing it and have it delivered." Jonah Goldberg

With all the talk(scare tactics) about the need for the bailout, I found this line in the book Liberal Facism to be very timely and accurate. I am not an expert on the economy but I do know that if I don't pay my bills, or if I overspend, I alone am responsible for it. This makes me wonder what has happened to accountability in this country. I am praying for this country like never before that the leaders will seek the wise council of our heavenly father. Help me God to know my place in all this. Not only how I can pray for my country but how I can be of service to it.

If anyone else is feeling lost in the process and is wondering how to be involved in shaping the future of our country please checkout Click on the current events tab at the top and check out "we surround them". Glenn is helping to start a grass roots effort to help thoose of us who have principles we want to see upheld. Check it out and if you agree with 7 of the 9 principles listed he wants you to email your picture to Wishing everyone a fruitful week.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank you!!

I just want to thank my heavenly father my my two healthy kids. Personally I know of someone who just miscarried and someone who is pregnant but knows their baby girl is slowing dying inside. I have also heard from others in the blogging world of those who have lost infants or their children are fighting cancer. I know that we can't understand the meaning behind all this sadness. Often when tragedy strikes a person asks "Why Me" but I feel like I am the one who should be asking this. Why was I able to get pregnant without a miscarriage, why have my children remained healthy? Yet asking why doesn't change the fact that I feel very blessed no matter what the reasoning. It also doesn't guarentee that this blessing will remain. So I thankyou Lord for the provisions you have made for my family, I pray that I can honor you with the lives you have entrusted me to raise. When I see people who are glorifying you despite their terrible circumstances it makes me want to make sure that I am glorifying you in my current time of blessing. I pray that I can be a comfort to those who are mourning for their children and I pray that I do not waste the time I have with my children. Help me to live a life that is glorifying to you at all times and in all circumstances.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well we took the kids sledding for the first time at Scioto park on riverside. We had a blast. We have a sled that you have to steer with a little wheel so it was a little scary sending the kids down by themselves and having Abby be in charge of steering them. They have a great set up there, with a bunny hill and a bigger hill. The kids could go down the bunny hill by themselves but not the larger hill. There will be plenty of years down the road for that. I remember going sledding as a kid and being so fearless. Now I am a little scaredy cat, but I did do it and did not wipe out. Looking forward to many more sledding adventures with the kids before they are too cool to take their parents along.