Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Jedi battle like no other!

Gotta love that I took this picture of Will after he had eaten a juicy drop pop, hence the lovely glowing green mouth. Yes I have the gift for photography, NOT!!

Will has had a loose top front tooth for the past week. He had tried to wiggle it out with no luck. So enter super dad last night to get the job done. As Mike and Will were having a great Jedi battle, light sabers and all, Mike accidentally hit Will in the mouth with his sword and oops....out came Will's tooth. Luckily there was no crying and just a little blood. What a great story Will now has to tell.

I just had to take a picture of his mouth while his top tooth is gone, I am a sucker for his toothless grin. I also know it is one of those milestones that tells me my little boy is growing up. So I will snuggle with him while I can, listen attentively while he wants to chat a mile a minute and enjoy watching him as he sleeps(because it is the only time he is still). For I know the day will come when those days will pass and new and different memories with be created. Yet for now I will enjoy the blessing of Will, truly a gift that only our creator could give. Love you buddy!!

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