Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's your mood?

Abby must have been seriously adorable the day I let her not only shop at Justice but purchase blue nail polish that supposedly changes color depending on your mood. Whatever the case I let Abby give me a manicure today and I now have blue nails and so does she. Yes I am that desperate for a manicure that blue nail polish painted by an 8 year old sounded perfectly normal!

I am so glad that I have a daughter to share fun girly stuff with. I am glad that she still wants to hang out with me and enjoys spending time with me. I am glad that she seeks my feedback on her clothing(and nail polish) choices. I pray so hard for this daughter of mine, that she falls in love with her Christ, that she gets her value from him and that he is always at the center of her life.

So right now my mood is happy, content and grateful no matter the fact that my nails are still blue!

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