Sunday, September 9, 2007

College Football

I love College Football season, it is truly the most exciting of all sports and my husband and I enjoy hours of entertainment when the season finally starts. It is so great to turn on the TV and see multiple games at one time(unless you don't have the big ten network). We are huge Buckeye fans and so far it seems as though the defense will save our hides each game or so I hope.

We unfortunately do not have access to the Big Ten Network so we packed up the kiddies and headed to a local restaurant to catch the first half of the game. Although the Buckeyes were not stellar, we had a great time being surrounded by Buckeye fans and our kids were really good which is always a simple blessing in itself.

I am thankful that God allows us to relax and enjoy something like college football just because. It's true that athletes at times can be inspiring and that sports can be a platform to present the gospel(ex: FCA) which is great but I think God just wanted us to enjoy ourselves. To be in awe of the athletic talent that God has afforded some people, to provide excitement and suspense in a last minute touchdown or overtime victory and even slightly enjoy an unexpected defeat(sorry michigan) Sometimes there is no greater meaning behind something, God just does it because he loves us and wants us to experience joy in a thousand different ways.

So enjoy the simple blessing of college football or whatever sport, activity you enjoy and enjoy it because God provided it for you. God loves us in many ways, some show up big and others show up small but thank goodness God always shows up.

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