Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wet Wipes

Today was my daughter's first day at gymnastics class. She is taking the class with her best friend so I knew she would have a great time. Her best friend has a brother the same age as my son and they were playing together in the tiny playroom provided there. I was chit chatting with a mom and thought, the boys seem quite so I will go peak on them. I get to the little playroom that is just behind me and to my suprise my son has poop on his hands and on the floor. Somehow his pricey pull up had not done its job and my son's diaper contents were now all over the floor and continuing to leak out. I couldn't believe it, what was I to do!!!!

Luckily I had two packets of wet ones wipes and was able to wipe up my son, clean all the toys and scrub an already gross floor with the wet wipes to make the place as clean as can be. I know it seems silly to praise God for a simple blessing like wet wipes but they get me through alot of "Sticky" situations. However the real blessing was getting through the whole incident without raising my voice at my son, snapping at him in frustration or crying. Thankyou God for the patience and sense of calmness I was able to have despite a not so typical and very uncomfortable situation. I am not sure that God was thinking of this type of situation when he breathed the words of Phillipians 4:13, but I sure took them to heart. Thankyou that my son continued on the rest of the day not the least bit concerned about the days earlier events and that my daughter was able to complete the gymnastics class without any interruption and had a blast. Thanks also that kids do eventually stop wearing diapers!!!

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