Friday, February 29, 2008

I Can't believe it

Well my son is finally potty trained. After many failed attempts over the past few months, he finally got it. It has been about three weeks since he has been in underwear all day and he is doing great. He is actually more comfortable going to the bathroom on his own and not needing to tell me about it then my 5 year old daughter is. My son is very private about his bathroom time which I think is why he had such a hard time with potty training at first.

It is amazing that when I leave the house now or take my son over for a playdate that I do not need to bring diapers, what a huge time saver and relief. I had prayed about potty training my son for a while, and thought how dumb is this that I am praying about such a thing, but over the course of a few weeks I could see God guiding me along on how to best approach it with my son. Thank you that you are never too busy for my prayers Lord and that you even delight in hearing about my son's potty training needs. Everytime my son goes to the bathroom now with out even needing to ask for help I feel so thankful for that simple blessing that God given to me.

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