Sunday, August 3, 2008

Irish Festival

Well the kids and grandparents and I had a great time at the Irish Festival. We managed to stay there 5 hours which is really far longer than I expected. I think my parents and I were more tired then the kids. They got to spend alot of time in the kids area with all the inflatables and trampolines. The weather was tolerable compared to past years. My dad wins the grandparent of the month award as he stood in line in the hot sun for an hour so the kids could bounce on the trampolines pictured below.

We managed to find a table and chairs to sit down and eat which can be a feat itself with all the people there. Will had a hotdog and fries, Abby a corndog and fries and my mom had a hotdog as well. I had a great burger from a local restaurant called Jason's and my dad had a corned beef sandwich with sauerkraut(sp?). So we had a variety of food, desserts and fun at this year's festival. We of coursed missed having Mike there and hope next year we can all attend again. This was my parents first time coming and they enjoyed it, maybe they can come next year as well.

My mom made an interesting comment there, we were talking about all the people there, over 100,000 usually attend throughout the weekend. We were talking about how many of the people really get into the Irish tradition and are loyal attenders. Then my mom said wouldn't it be cool if all these people were sold out for Christ. Wow, what a statement. That would be way cool if we Christians(I mean CHRIST FOLLOWERS, as my pastor would say) would be that enthusiastic and committed about our Lord and Savior. It just gave me a renewed commitment to make sure that I am not sold out for anything more than my Savior Jesus Christ. Gotta love my mom for always keeping it real and continuing to pass on her motherly wisdom. Hope my kids are inspired by me as much as I am by her. I love you mom.

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