Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hide and Seek Safari

My son got this toy as an early Christmas gift from my husband's aunt and uncle. It is an amazing toy. Hide and seek is fun but after the 10th time I grow a little tired of the game while my kids do not. In this game you hide the tiger, then with the wand you go around looking for the tiger and when you get close the wand lights up and starts beeping. It is like the hot/cold game. My kids played this forever when they first got it and they still enjoy it. Even better after I get them started they can continue to play on their own with out my help. I have heard you can even order extra wands so each child can have one. If you are still looking for a great Christmas gift I would highly recommend this for kids age 3 and up. I've seen it recently on for under 25 dollars. Hope you all have great luck in the search for the perfect Christmas gift. Luckily if you know and love my Savior Jesus Christ you have already recieved it.

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