Wednesday, December 3, 2008


With much thanks to Angie over at we have a new Christmas tradition at our house. This is a scout elf that arrived with the book "The elf on the shelf". Every day Buddy watches the kids to see if they have good or bad behavior and then at night he returns to the North pole to report to Santa. Then he comes back each morning but in a different place then he was the night before. So each morning the kids get super excited to see where Buddy is next and I get to use a little creativity to find a new exciting spot. Then Christmas eve Buddy returns home to the North pole until the next year. It has been fun to have a tradition that just our little family can do. Mike and I have some great traditions passed down to us from our families but it is nice to think that maybe our kids will pass this tradition down to our grandkids.

I know alot of people have varying opinions on celebrating Santa during the Christmas season. We first and foremost have taught our children the true meaning and reason behind Christmas and will always continue to do so. Yet while they are little we find it not a problem to teach that we give and recieve gifts at this time in celebration of Christ's birth and this includes Santa. Both Mike and I grew up this way in strong Christian families and I am glad that we both had similar backgrounds. May everyone enjoy the birth of Jesus Christ this Christmas as well as any treasured family traditions you may have.

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