Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get organized!!

I am trying to get things more organized around here. I am getting tired of looking for my son's transformers for the 100th time. I have been inspired by Real Simple magazine who has provided some great ideas and products. I am going through all the kids toys a bin at a time and tossing what they don't use(although I have to do this without the kids looking) and organizing by type of toy. This will be a long process but if I think about all the time we spend searching for toys I know I will come out way ahead in the long run. I wanted to share a website that I found called I specifically like the wally wall organizer(corky) and plan on ordering it. I saw this in Real Simple but found it cheaper at this website. It also has alot of great ideas for organizing in general. I also got the idea to get 5 magazine files and label them Monday-Friday and placed them in my laundry room. This will help with notes to school, homework and library books. I got my magazine files from Ikea, 2 for 2.99. I decided to use my laundry room as my organizing center because we go through it to get to the garage. Hopefully I can keep up my motivation. Clutter is something I have always struggled with. I wish I could go through the mail each day and then toss the junk and read through the catalogs that day. Oh well, it's a process and sometimes there are more important things(two cute ones at that) to spend my time on. Let me know if you have any great ideas about organizing.

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