Monday, March 1, 2010

Mini Mani!!!

This past Saturday my husband and my little boy were invited to the Ohio State vs Michigan Basketball game. So while the boys were out I wanted to do something fun with Abby. I decided to head over to the Polaris mall and take her to Sweet and Sassy for a mini manicure. This was our first time their and Abby had a wonderful time. You can have birthday parties there, get your hair done, have pedicures/manicures as well as make your own glitter lotion or lip gloss. It is definitely a great place for mothers/daughters to hang out.

Abby chose hot pink nail polish, she got a pink butterfly ring and had tiny flower stickers put on one of her nails.

She got to put her hands under a nail dryer and they put two glitter stars on her cheek. It was alot of fun and I look forward to taking her back soon for a pedicure. Then we went to eat at California Pizza kitchen and had a yummy meal. The highlight of the whole trip was this picture:

Abby saw her first real typewriter and flipped out. She loves the American Girl movie Kit Kittridge and was amazed she saw a real typewriter. She was giddy the rest of the afternoon. I am thinking about getting her a vintage one for her birthday or Christmas, Etsy had a couple cute ones for sale.

It was a fun day for the girls and for the boys. This one on one time is so important for each child and I am grateful that our kids still treasure hanging out with us. Thankyou for this opportunity Lord.

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