Monday, March 22, 2010

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Well Abby joined Girl Scouts for the first time this year, actually she is a Daisy soon to be Brownie. One of the perks, other than the fabulous cookies, is a Daddy/Daughter dance. This past Saturday, Abby and Mike got to dress up, eat dinner together and dance the night away.

The Theme was Hollywood Nights and they had a red carpet entrance and people snapping pictures like Paparazzi. They had a great time hanging out together. Will and I rented a Transformer movie and he got his favorite meal(McDonalds of course). It was a very fun night for all of us. I let Abby wear make-up, which she was thrilled about and she wore the flower girl dress from my brother's wedding. I love our whole family time but it is nice when we get to focas one on one with the kids as well.

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