Monday, June 7, 2010

New York New York New York!!

I love that song by Alicia Keyes and jay z but it is not the reason behind the title of my latest blog post. In May Mike was blessed with a new position at JP Morgan Chase. We had been praying for a new opportunity for a while and he was contacted by a division in Chase about a new role in New York. Mike interviewed and was offered the job which he started about three weeks ago. Luckily he does not have to move to New York but he has been traveling there. Here are some NY style gifts he brought the kids after his last trip:

Although we are die hard Cincinnati Reds fans, Will is really into all sports and loves his Yankees jersey. He is allowed to wear it whenever but he must always stay true to his Reds

Abby just finished a unit at school about US symbols so she was super excited about having her own little Statue of Liberty. It is so neat how each child has different personalities and that gifts that Mike chose were perfect for each one.

We feel blessed that Mike was chosen for this new position. We know it will require some additional travel initially but we really feel like this is where God wants him to be. Thankyou Lord for the peace you have provided our family regarding Mike's new job. We are so grateful for answered prayers and we appreciate what you have taught us as we waited for your perfect timing.

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