Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ten wonderful years

This past weekend my wonderful husband and I celebrated our ten year anniversary. He suprised me by planning a whole weekend of fun events including a suprise destination. We went to Cincinnati for the weekend, which was nice because I really wanted to drive somewhere rather than fly, I just like being able to be close to the kids in case we are needed. Needless to say this was a perfect place to go because this is where Mike and I started our married life together.

We went to an amazing steak house called Jeff Ruby's and then to the show Jersey Boys. The show was awesome, probably one the top one or two I have been to. The music was amazing and the singers sounded just like the original Four Seasons. It was funny because I was too young for their music but was suprised how many songs I actually knew. The next day we drove around Montgomery and Blue Ash and took a look at our old apartment and condo, we had some great memories there and look forward to bringing the kids there some day to visit as well. After that we went and watch the Reds play the Boston Red SOx, it was a great game that went to ten innings, it would have been even better if the Reds had won.

Overall it was a great relaxing weekend, a time to reconnect with out being interrupted by our two lovely children. Thanks to God for sending me a loving husband who truly does cherish me. I am so grateful to have a husband that not only honors God but honors me as well. Thank you for this blessing God.

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