Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Trucks

Well Sunday after church we went to COSI to see the Big Trucks exhibit. They had a variety of construction equipment to touch, sit in and acutually operate. Abby and Will both got to operate a mini bulldozer and had great fun. We took some great pictures and video. After that we went to eat at Applebees because for some reason Will really wanted to go there. We had a nice lunch and got to watch some of the Reds game on TV. Will was very interested and loved telling the servers about his Ken Griffey Jr. T-shirt.

We had a really good pratical message at church that morning about the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector(Luke 18:9-14). Basically the take home point was about not just doing things for God, but to really truly love God in all that we do(even when it is not easy). In this parable we saw the Pharisee as the perfect example of doing and saying all the right things yet exalting himself rather than God. The tax collector, admitting he was a sinner, asked for mercy and humbled himself before the Lord. I always find it interesting how God works and how it is often opposite to the way the world works. In the Pharisees time they were revered and honored by men but not justified by God. The Tax collector was hated and shunned by many of the world but loved and justified by God. Here is a great reminder to me to be confident in the Lord for my righteousness and not in my self. To seek to live by God's standards and not what the world is telling me is right. Help me to teach this lesson to my kids and to keep reminding myself as well.

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