Friday, July 25, 2008


I wonder how I can go 12 hours in a day being as patient as I can be with my two lovely children then all of sudden in the last few minutes of the day lose the patience I tried so hard to maintain. Yesterday we had a normal day, a few little disagreements between the kiddos, repeating requests multiple times, blah blah blah. Yet I managed to keep it all together until we were getting ready for bed, then my patience decided that it only works from 7am to 7pm and my children had one chance to get it right or mommy got upset. After I put them to bed I apologized for getting frustrated to the kids and explained why I got uspet. They both understood why(Abby better than Will) and then we prayed together.

Then as I went for a run to cool off I thought about how lucky I am that God doesn't lose his patience with me and that God forgives me so easily. Also as an added bonus God allow my kids to forgive me easily as well. On multiple occasions I remember thinking before I went to bed, man I really blew it today or I wish I hadn't gotten upset about this or that. Then the next morning one of my kids will get in bed with me and say "Your the best Mommy!!!. I know this won't last forever but I am going to enjoy it as long as I can. Thank you God for the patience you extend to me that allows me to strive to be more patient with others and teach patience to my children. Thankyou that you haven't given up on me as this seems to be a daily struggle.

On a side note I just learned that Dr. Gorden Gee's son-in-law passed away this morning. I don't even know him or his wife but being a huge Buckeye fan and the fact that Dr. Gee was president while I was at OSU makes me grieve for that family. I hope he was a believer in Christ, I hope his family continues to be believers in Christ despite this diffficult time. I pray for comfort, complete healing for his wife and that they draw closer together as a family during this time. Please place people around them that will encourage them and provide them with the strength they will need to get through this. Thankyou for the protection of my family that you have so graciously provided and I pray for that same protection today lord as we travel to cincinnati for the Reds game.

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