Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Answered Prayers

Praying comes easily for me. I enjoy having coversations with God throughout the day, some are a quick thankyou and others are a request on my behalf or a loved one. My biggest challenge is trying to instill this value in my children. Mike and I give the kids opportunities to pray throughout the day so they understand the importance of prayer. The hard part is letting them see answered prayer. Sometimes the answer to our prayers is not what we were asking for and sometimes it takes God's own timing to recieve the much anticipated answer.

Luckily last week my kids had the wonderful opportunity to pray and see the answer within the hour. My good friend called to ask me if I saw her wearing both earrings when we saw each other that morning. She just noticed that one was missing and these were not only very sentimental but also valuable. As we tried to piece together where the earring might have fallen out she went to look for the earring and was quite upset as we hung up. I sat down with the kids and asked them to pray that our friend would find her special earring. Then we left and ran an errand . About an hour later my friend called and said she found her earring, Praise God. I told the kids the good news and mentioned how good it is that God heard our prayer and answered it so quickly and with such a great outcome. Now my friend and I realize that after all is said and done this was not the most urgent prayer request. However it was important all the same because it taught my kids to seek God's help, to be specific with the request and then trust that he will answer us in his time. Thankfully God answered so quickly as kids seem to have a short attention span. Thankyou God for this teachable moment. Thankyou that my kids are willing to pray to you, thankyou for building the trust they have in you so that when tougher questions are asked of you and the answer doesn't come as quickly as they would like that they will remember this moment of answered prayer.

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Heather Conrad said...

That's awesome! They will remember this moment and many to come as you stay the course and fix your eyes on Him!