Monday, July 13, 2009

July at Lake Erie 2009

Well we had another great July up at Lake Erie. We were there 10 days and the weather couldn't have been better. I took my camera but left the memory card at home. Thus the only pictures I have are the ones I captured on my Flip video camera. I am hoping that all those who took a million pictures of my kids will forward them along to me. The picture above is of Abby and Will at the Fourth of July parade at Ruggles Beach. They got to deck themselves out in red, white and blue and we played some good ole american songs on our kazoos, it was truly an experience.

We also headed to Cedar Point for one evening and the kids rode the Frog Hopper again. They had so much fun and they road the Jr Gemini all by themselves for the first time!!

We feel so blessed to get to go to the Lake several times a year. We got to watch fireworks, take a boat ride, relax on the beach and Mike and I even got a date night. Thankyou Lord for the great family time we experienced over those ten days.

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