Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon minus Kate and feeling sorry for Eight

Well after last night's big announcement on TLC I feel sad. I am disappointed that a decision wasn't made to stop the show regardless of wether or not they stay together. The damage is done and will continue to be done as long as these kids continue to be in the spotlight. I admit that I have interest in this family, who wouldn't be curious about their story and be pulling for them. I do however think that I should stop my viewership and focas more on praying for them. As Christians we all fail, we are imperfect and will make mistakes. However, this does not give us permission to give up. Jon and Kate are not only giving up on their marriage, kids and family but I believe they are giving up on God's ability to restore it all. I am not here to judge them, they have made their choices and that is between them and God. I will continue to pray for this family and in general for those marriages that are broken. I pray that even though their marriage is dissolved that their relationship with Christ will be renewed. I am thankful for God's presence in our marriage and pray for his continued protection over it. For a great description of the love required to sustain a marriage please check out Aaron's blog. I wasn't planning on posting on this but its been on my mind today and just needed to commit in writing my prayers for the protection of marriage.

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