Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She's Seven!!

Well my little girl turned 7 today. She was so excited this morning for her special day. Daddy took in special cookies that I made and he stayed and ate lunch with her too.

Abby got to pick what she wanted to do for dinner and she chose Boston Market. She loves to eat there but her little brother is not a big fan so this was a big treat for her.

Here I am lighting her candles. Notice Will the multi tasker in the background. He can manage to pick his nose and provide me with instruction at the same time, my kids are truly gifted.

Here Mike tried to take a picture of the birthday girl but Will wanted to make his presence known. Abby got a pink snuggie, a custom made CD from her cousin, an invitation to make cupcakes with her other cousin and a vera bradley sunglass case. I know that last one seems strange but when she saw it in a store she was obsessed with it. It was a great day for all. On Saturday we will take 4 of her friends to CiCi's pizza followed by attending Dublin Coffman's version of HSM 2. It should be a blast.

Thankyou Lord for this precious girl. She is so tender hearted and such a friend to all. I am so grateful for how she is growing up and know I will be amazed by the plans you have for her.

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