Monday, November 2, 2009

Disney World

Pictured above are my lovely parents and the reason we were able to go to Disney World last week. My mom and dad took my family, my older brother, my younger brother,his wife and son all to WDW last week. It was amazing!! It was the first time for my kids and their cousin Colin. We had great weather, although a bit on the hot side and everyone was healthy. I prayed before and during our trip that we would remain healthy. With the swine flu, strep throat and colds making the rounds I feel so blessed that our family was protected for this past week.

We had a 6am flight on Sunday morning so we left for the airport at 4am!! We arrived at our hotel around 1pm and ate some lunch and walked around before we could check in. That night we went to Downtown Disney and ate at a great restaurant called Rainforest Cafe. They have simulated thunder storms every 20 minutes and we celebrated all three kids October birthdays with an awesome brownie dessert.

Also in Downtown Disney they have a design-a-tee store by Hanes. Abby and Will each designed a tee on the computer and then an hour later we went back to pick it up. Abby chose a purple tee with all the princesses on it. Will chose blue shirt with the Incredibles on it and we wrote "I was at Disney World on my birthday" on it. My brother Brian bought Abby and Will the famous mickey and minnie mouse ears with their names embroidered on the back. We had a great first day to our trip. Despite the long travel it was so nice to relax and have a meal together. We all went to bed early so we could be up and ready to go for the Magic Kingdom the next day.

I'll update on that tommorrow.

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