Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Happy Resurrection Sunday as my pastor would love to rename it. I hope you all had a wonderful time of celebrating our Savior's death and resurrection as well as time with loved ones.

Here are a few pictures from our Easter, here the kids are dressed in their Sunday best for Easter. It is a big deal that Will is in a collared shirt and wearing Sandals.

Here are the kids before an Easter Egg hunt at my parents. We had a great lunch made by my mom and I contributed my first ever apple crisp, it was all delicious.

These next two pictures are kind of an inside joke. When my kids always ask my mom what's for lunch or dinner she usually says broccoli to tease them. So she placed carrots and broccoli in two of their eggs, as you can see Will was less than thrilled.

I would be remiss if I also didn't include what happened the night before Easter. Will lost his first tooth, it was so loose that I just gave it one little twist and it came right out. Will knocked this tooth loose over a year ago so I wasn't surprised that it finally wiggled it's way out. He will probably have a toothless grin for a while.

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