Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Plan B

Well Plan B by Pete Wilson has finally been released!! I was fortunate enough to win an advanced reader's copy almost two months ago and have been so eager to post a review. I posted a review on Amazon last week but thought I would give it a little review over here on my blog.

What is amazing about the release of this book is the timing. Pete Wilson is the senior pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN. If you have been following the news you know that Nashville experienced the worse flooding on record this past weekend. I have been following youtube videos posted by those in the area and the devastation is heartbreaking. Pete Wilson's church has been organizing relief efforts this week and has even set up a fund. Talk about the ultimate Plan B, many of these homeowners have no flood insurance.

This book is great because we all have unmet expectations or dreams that failed to come true, the key is what do we do about it. How can we see/feel God's presence in our life when it seems like everything is going wrong. Pete helps you work through the confusion to come out stronger and closer to God. He reminds us of the hope that is in Jesus Christ during and inspite of all circumstances. One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 6 Whiplash. On page 93 he offers this advice "In this life, many of your questions will simply no have answers. But through it all, God himself will never change. This is why our faith must rest on his identity and not necessarily his activity."

Probably my favorite lines of the book are found on page 199 "...God has a perspective on life we don't have.... If you had been at the cross on the day Christ was crucified, you would have sworn that was the worst thing that could ever happen. We don't see it that way today, do we?"

I already have two people in mind that I am going to purchase this book for. I am hopeful that this book will be a blessing to those who are currently struggling in their Plan B and a great resource for those who have yet to experience one.

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