Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soccer and Family

This Saturday my mom and dad came up to watch the kids soccer games. We were so lucky that we only got a little wet even though the forecast predicted rain all day. Here abby is snuggling with grandma during Will's game. Will was on fire today and scored like a bazillion goals. It is so fun to watch the kids his age, all the boys kept falling on the ball or trying to grab it with their hands, it was quite entertaining.

The above pictures were taken at their first spring soccer game when it was sunny, Abby always has a cute little pose now when we take her picture. Then after the soccer games my sister in law came over with my nephew Colton. Colton is three months old and a pure joy to be around. My kids loved him, acutally Abby smothered him.

I am so grateful that my extended family lives only a little over an hour away. It is so nice to have them just pop in for the day.

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