Friday, March 4, 2011

Seeds of Turmoil by Bryant Wright

I am a history buff, I think where we have come from is a fascinating story and can provide much information into our future. So when I decided to read this book about "The biblical roots of the inevitable crisis in the mideast" I knew I was in for an amazing story. I have always been intrigued by Israel and the special place it has in God's plan, but this book really sheds light on how Israel formed and how and why she is hated by so many. I will say that this book is not a one or two day read, it took me a few months to finish it but it was never boring. I find this is typical for me with historical books to take my time and soak it in.

The book starts out by stating that the decision made by Abraham to disobey God has lead to what we see now in the Middle East. Abraham decided that he and his wife knew better about when and how their promised son was going to be born, so they took matters into their own hands. What unfolds is the birth of Ishmael thru Sarah's(Abrahams wife) servant Hagar and then years later the promised birth of Isaac via Sarah. I love on page 39 when Bryant writes " When we take matters into our own hands and try to manipulate God's will to get what we want, sometimes He allows it. Misery can result." Bryant does a great job of explaining the sibling rivalry between Ishmael and Isaac and how this transforms into a bitterness between two nations.

Bryant also discusses the sibling rivalry between Isaac's two sons Jacob and Esau. What I found fascinating was that even though at the end of their lives Jacob and Esau reconciled, the heirs of Esau(the Edomites, now present day Jordan) did not forgive and hence the bitter history between nations unfolds.

The first part of this book also focuses on the struggle of Israel to become a nation and up to present day as they struggle to remain a nation despite heavy opposition. Then in part two of the book it discusses the conflicting perspectives of the Jews, Islam nations and Christians. On page 137 Bryant states " Christianity originated between these two influential faiths(meaning Judaism and Islam), and it has been caught in the middle between the two to this very day."

I highly recommend this book as it provided great biblical perspective, is applicable to today's currents events and also discusses the eternal consequences of this history. I found it very interesting that at the time I decided to read this I came across the history of Egypt and it mentioned Mubarak. I would not have given a second thought to this but at the time the news was covering how Mubarak had just been overthrown by his people. I have discovered so many interesting truths, facts and life application by reading this book and am looking forward to exploring more from this author.

NOTE: Words in italics are my own explanation/words to provide context to the quotes from the book.

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