Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

Next Monday(May 2nd) kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week. This year I have been wondering what to give the teachers that is simple, thoughtful and above all else, practical. Luckily there are a lot of talented, uber creative folks out there in the blogging world so I thought I would pass on a few of their ideas, which I may totally use.

First head over to Skip to my Lou and check out all the cute craft ideas they have. What I love about their site is they have very easy projects for the less crafty like me and some more adventurous projects for the crafting queens. I especially like this idea called Appreciation 7 days a week using a pill box and filling it with cute sayings and teacher friendly items. I also just discovered this one today called Upcycled Containers with Printable Labels where she uses old crystal light containers to hold whoopie pies. Yummy!

Another great idea came from Eighteen25 that also features cute crafts and adorable printables. I love their idea called Quick and Cheesy Teacher Appreciation gifts where she makes a cute printable for swedish fish saying "Your are o'fishally the best".

So give these blogs some love and check them out. I just discovered them both over the past few months and have such fun checking out all their creativeness. I also wanted to document the links for myself as I usually forget where I saw something and I definitely want to remember these ideas. Good Luck with your teacher appreciation ideas!!

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