Saturday, October 1, 2011

Teacher/Neighbor Christmas gifts and just a general update

I love the blogging world, no where else can you find such wonderful people willing to share their creativity with those of us who simply are not gifted with it. I love having unique and personal gift ideas for people and this homemade vanilla extract idea from WhipperBerry is awesome! Check out her fabulous blog for more great ideas, I just ordered my vanilla beans tonight and can't wait for her next post that tells us all about her cute packaging!! Stay tuned for the final product!!

Speaking of gifts, both my kids have birthdays this month. I still have no idea what I am getting them yet, I usually get their Halloween costumes as part of their gift and then something small. We are not having any big parties this year, Abby might have a few girls over for a sleep over and Will might take a few friends to do laser tag. I have been so busy lately filling in at a PT clinic, doing my CAbi job and volunteering at the kids school that I am so happy my kids are totally okay without a big birthday party. Abby is loving the Third grade and has the best teacher, the Math homework is a huge step up from second grade. I don't remember having this hard of homework in third grade, all I remember is playing around the world with our multiplication facts. Will has enjoyed first grade, being gone all day from me has been a little tough on him but he is adjusting well and his teacher is so nice and patient with him. I absolutely adore our kids school.

I am so excited to be studying the book of Acts this year in BSF. I know God has many things to teach me despite this busy season. I will be sharing more about what I learn as I go.

Lots of random thoughts in this post but that is what happens when I wait a month to blog!!

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