Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Father's Love

The other night as I went to bed I picked up my son out of his bed and brought him into mine for a little snuggle time. He was pretty much oblivious to the fact but I just wanted to be near him. As I laid there with him I prayed about how much I love him and how thankful I am to God for him. I also began to pray about how I know I get frustrated with him sometimes but that was nothing compared to how much joy he brings me. Then it hit me, how much more does my Heavenly Father love me and even though I frustrate him often, his love is always there.

I was so amazed at how great God's love is, when I am down because I know I am not serving God the way I should be I must be reminded that his Love is ever present and NEVER FAILS. I love how God has given me the gift of my children and how our earthly relationship somewhat parallels God's relationship with his children. If God can be as patient and loving as he is with me, shouldn't I be able to extend that love to my children and others. It was really a special moment last night when I remembered that as much as I love my children, God loves me more, how amazing.

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