Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Good Kick in the Pants

This may not sound like a simple blessing but it can be. I have been struggling lately to be reading my Bible on a more regular basis during the summer. Throughout the rest of the year I am in a great Bible Study and in his word on a regular basis, but when summer comes I tend to slack off. What if God decided to take summers off, boy would I be in trouble.
I attended a wonderful luncheon yesterday where a very nice lady spoke about why we don't use the key that God have given us in our everyday life, the key being the Bible. She went on to state all these reasons we choose not to read the bible or use it in our everyday life such as being lazy, it is boring, people will think we are Jesus Freaks. It was so refreshing to recieve that push that I need to get reading my Bible.
It is so frustrating to myself when I know what the right thing to do is but I drag my feet for several but no good reasons. I got a swift kick in the pants yesterday via this lady's speech and I had no idea what the topic of the luncheon would be when I attended it. Thankyou God for knowing what is on my heart and giving me that push I needed as I allowed other things to occupy my time. Thankyou for placing me a the right place and the right time. It was so simple, I just showed up and you were there.

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