Saturday, November 14, 2009

Will's Fifth Birthday!!

Wow, Have I been taking a major blogging hiatus. I meant to post more on our Disney trip but life has been very busy at our house. Will was very lucky to get to spend his fifth birthday at Disney World. He wore a special shirt, got a button, got into the park for free and of course got a birthday dinner. We were at Hollywood Studios on Will's birthday and had a wonderful time there.

Will got to see the Power rangers, which was way cool. He dressed up as the Blue Power Ranger for Halloween so it was great to get a picture with him and his autograph.

Will got to wear a special Birthday Chef hat at dinner. We ate at Mama Melrose's and it was very good. Will got a special birthday sundae and he loved it. They also gave Abby a chef hat since her birthday was only two weeks past.

I can't believe my baby is 5 years old, he is such a big boy in so many ways, yet very tender still. He is super excited that now he is five he can do the climbing wall at the workout place now. I am so grateful for this silly little boy who keeps me laughing all the time. He is great at soccer, wrestling with his daddy and has become quite good at is Batman leapster game. I feel so blessed to call this little boy my son. Thank you Lord for the blessing of being a mother, or as Will calls me, Mama.

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