Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I wrote a post over a week ago about the little boy who nearly drowned while we were on vacation in Sanibel at the end of March. I am so happy to update that he is having a recovery that only God could orchestrate. The little boys name is Cal and he is from Minnesota. He left Florida with the prognosis that he needed to be taken off life support because he was brain dead. I am happy to report that he is now breathing on his own, talking some, moving his arms/legs and is to start rehab in the next week. While the extent of his brain injury is still yet to be determined I can only imagine the hope this family is experiencing after weeks of despair. Thank you Lord that Cal's recovery was part of your plan all along. I pray that you continue to be with him and his family as they navigate this new lease on life that he has been given. You are truly an amazing God and I am so glad his parents had faith in you when the world told them otherwise.

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