Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So Sad

This past week we enjoyed a wonderful spring break in Sanibel with my husbands extended family. I am going to include some pictures in an upcoming post but my heart is heavy with how our vacation ended. We unfortunately witnessed the aftermath of a near drowning at the pool at our condo. I can not describe the images that my husband and I saw/felt that Wed evening. According to the surveillance cameras at the condo the little boy was holding onto a beach ball and slipped off the ball and into the water where he sank under. We have no idea how long he was under but he was discovered by a brave boy. There are so many questions regarding how this could happen but they really don't matter now. This six year old boy is now brain dead and to be taken off life support soon. I feel so deeply for this family. I wish I knew their names so I could let them know how much we have been praying for them during these difficult days.

It hits so close to home as I have a 5 and 7 year old. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers, pray that they feel God's presence during this time. I also continue to pray for a miracle, one that we know God(not medicine) can only provide. I pray that if they are believers that they will draw closer to God and closer to each other, may these circumstance not be a wedge between them. I pray that they have the comfort and support of loved ones and friends who will share God's love with them. If they do not know Christ I pray that he will be revealed to them thru this. I pray that people do not judge them, we all make mistakes and they will be dealing with enough pain/loss without the added burden of condemnation by others.

We did have a wonderful vacation and I want to post about that but as I learned last evening of this little boys fate I felt the need to send out this prayer request first. Hug your kids tonight even tighter then before, they are a treasure to behold each day.

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