Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Party 2nd grade

This year I was a co party planner for my daughter Abby's Valentine's Day Party. I thought I would blog about what we did as I am always searching for ideas. Also I am always forgetting what I did in year's past so I thought I would document it hear.

For goodie bags, we filled 4x6 dollar store valentine bags with a few goodies(my co planner scored cute bubbles from target super cheap). We then wrapped an individual microwave popcorn bag in wrapping paper, whole punched the top of the popcorn and bag and tied a ribbon to keep it together. I found these cute free owl valentine printable from living locurto and inserted them in the bags

Here is my own sweet valentine dressed in all pink and red for her party day.

For games we split the class in two and did relays. One relay was putting a balloon between your knees and walking to/from the start/finish lines. The second relay was to race to these index cards with candy taped on them. Each card had a task to perfrom and then the team that performed fastest won, but everyone got to keep the chocolate. We then did a cupcake walk by numbering construction paper hearts and playing music until your number was called. Then you were allowed to go claim your cupcake and get some of the other snacks provided. Lastly we bought large conversation hearts and had teams build the tallest tower they could in two minutes. The kids seemed to have fun. I saw another class do the relay where you try and sit on a balloon and pop it and the team that gets all their balloons popped first wins. I remember doing this as a kid and because I didn't weigh that much I was always the slowest at this task. I had forgotten about that game until I saw another class doing it.

In my son's kindergarten class they did this really cute game where each child pulled a piece of paper out of a bag and it had a picture of an animal on it. Then you had to go around making the noise your animal makes and find your partner. We have also played bingo in the past.

Hope you all had a great Valentine's day. My hubby surprised us each with a small gift when we got home from soccer practice. We typically don't celebrate Valentine's day so this was a very nice thing for him to do.

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