Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Sunday

This Sunday was great. We had a great sermon at church about parenting our kids, which I touched on in yesterday's post. We headed to Will's wrestling match and then out to dinner at the Rusty Bucket. We usually head to the Rusty Bucket in Dublin but since the wrestling tourney was in Upper Arlington we went to the one there. The have this great patio with a fire pit, the kids checked it out before we left and thought it was uber cool. Will has decided to resurrect his peace signs I guess in his pictures, we will see.

Today has been crazy with the ice that came over night. The kids were out of school and the driveways and sidewalks are crazy icy not to mention our cul de sac is like an ice rink. We are in for some additional winter weather tonight and tomorrow so we will see what tomorrow brings. Hope everyone stays safe!!

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