Monday, June 8, 2009

Good Weekend

Well this weekend was fun for all. On Friday I took Abby and Will to Grandma's for a weekend stay. The kids were very excited as they always have fun there. After I dropped off the kiddos I had to get a new driver's license. I was a little worried waiting in line as both ladies ahead of me could not understand the directions to the vision test. The man behind me started laughing a little bit because it was a sight to see these women keep asking questions and the lady behind the counter kept saying the same thing, "Middle column, 4th row". I turned around to him and said " I am not going to laugh because that could be me next". Needless to say I did pass and got a brand new pretty license. I was in desperate need of a new picture as my last one I got taken just after a new haircut gone bad, too much bangs for me to handle.

Friday night Mike and I went to downtown Dublin and had a light meal on the porch of Brazenhead. The temperature was perfect and with music in the background it made for a fun evening. On Saturday I slept in(yeah for me) and then we headed out to do some shopping. We really wanted to go to the Memorial Tournament but were unable to get tickets this year. We went to Easton instead and enjoyed the weather and a little retail therapy. The kids went with the grandparents to Youngs Dairy and had a great time petting animals, playing in the barn and scoring two presents each from the gift shop. My children are certainly deprived!!! On Saturday night we headed to downtown Dublin again for a great meal at Tucci's. We ate outside again and had a delightful meal. We were hoping to see some of the golfers from the tourney there but they were in a private dining room. We were home by ten oclock each night and it was nice to catch up on some sleep.

Sunday we attended our church and then headed to pick up the kids. We ate cake and ice cream to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Then we headed home and Mike taught his last Dave Ramsey course at church. My husbands cousin stopped by with a beautiful arrangement of flowers for my birthday. I really think they are the prettiest flowers I have ever recieved.

So it was a nice relaxing weekend for Mike and I and an activity filled weekend for the kids and grandparents. We are so blessed to have two sets of grandparents who actually like taking our kids for the weekend. We love that our families are less than an hour and half away each. Thankyou Lord for a wonderful kick off to the summer.

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