Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not the best morning

Well today has started out interesting. Will got a fever Sunday after church, but was great by the end of the day. So I took him to soccer camp yesterday morning and he did fine, but by the time we got home he was tired again. He took a two hour nap and then woke up happy and ready to go. He was fine again for the rest of the evening but by bed time the fever came back. He slept till about 430 am when the Motrin wore off and his fever came back. So I gave him some tylenol and let him come into our bed. He was very talkative and continued to talk until 530 or so. The little stinker never went back to bed and finally went downstairs to watch some tv while his dad was getting ready for work. Then at 630 am I wake up to Abby crying and she says "Will dumped water on my head". Will decided it was time for his big sister to wake up so he thought that a cold dose of water would be the most effective way. So Will gets a timeout and starts crying, Abby is crying and this is all before 7am. Will and Abby both recovered, Will's fever has not returned but of course I kept him home from soccer camp and just sent Abby.

However on a brighter note, I decided to get me a much needed pick me up and headed to Starbucks. I ordered the usual latte and cinnamon scone, the total by memory is 5.80(ridiculus I know but I was desperate). The wait after I ordered was really long and so when I got to the window the guy said "Sorry about the wait, I am just going to charge you for the scone, 1.75 please". Yipeee!!! Nothing like a freebie to change the course of a not so great morning. So thank you Starbucks for running late this morning so I could benefit from it. I can't help but think this was orchestrated by someone bigger. It may seem silly but whenever something simple like this happens I always give credit to God. He delights in cheering me up and I felt like it was his little way of looking out for me and preventing me from letting a whole day be ruined by a bad attitude. Thank you Lord for showing up in both the large and small. I am forever grateful. Here's hoping for a great rest of the day.

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