Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

Yesterday was Abby's kindergarten graduation program. She got to wear a cap and gown, sing songs and recieve a diploma. What a fun day for all. My mom and mother-in-law both came as well as Mike, Will and myself.

Here she is before the ceremony, Abby and her two little friends got to pass out the programs. Her little brother Will was so proud. It was a fairly long program for him to get through but he did a great job. Thanks to my mom for keeping tabs on him so Mike and I could video tape the performance.

Here she is recieving her diploma from her teacher and the principal.

This is Abby with her teacher Mrs. Fisher. She has been so great as a teacher. She comes up with the most creative programs and songs for the kids to sing. She has her mom(a former teacher) come in the classroom alot and has used some of her mom's ideas for the performances. We feel so blessed that Abby was placed in this class. All the kids are super nice and play so well together.

Here are the proud parents. We are so happy to see Abby blossom throughout the year. She has become a great reader, friend and wonderful daughter. Thankyou Lord for such a special, sweet little girl

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