Friday, June 12, 2009

Show us where you live-bathroom

This week at Kelly's blog she is having everyone post pictures of their bathrooms. Let me tell you there are some people out there with pretty clean ones, it motivated me to clean my master bathroom last night at 11pm. I chose to show pictures of my downstairs guest bathroom because it is the nicest and most modern.

I love the sink, it is a little high for the kids right now, hence the lovely stool tucked underneath. It is very modern and keeps the splash to a minimum.

Here is a view of the sink and mirror, I love them because they are very different then most traditional bathrooms. The only negative is I do not have a place to hold the towel right now so I just lay it on the sink counter.

Here is view of the shelf above the toilet. I got this reef type plant at pottery barn and then placed some fake artichoke hearts from pottery barn in a glass vase on the back of the toilet.

I love this picture in the bathroom. A very talented woman who stays up at lake erie with us painted all the cottages at Ruggles beach and then copies were made. I had my mother in law frame it as a Christmas gift and the frame matches the wood of the shelf and vanity perfectly.
So this is my favorite bathroom, it is also the easiest to keep clean. In the kids bathroom it is an hourly battle to keep toothpaste off the counter and water marks off the mirror. Thanks for stoppin by!!


Caroline said...

I love the sink. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Crystal said...

Yes! The sink is beautiful!!