Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby be Blessed

I first heard of Baby be Blessed Dolls from Angie's blog. I had wanted to get one for Abby last year but they were so busy they couldn't take on any new orders. The dolls are hand-made by two women so obviously the production time takes a while. Last fall I became a facebook fan and found out that they were taking orders and then fufilling as they could. I was so pumped because I knew I was gaurenteed a doll but it might take a while. So after 3-4 months I recieved Abby's perfect doll. This is no ordinary doll though, it was made with love and prayed over. When you lift up her little skirt she has this on her tummy.

You can pick any inscription you would like. I picked this verse because my mom told it to me as a child and it has really been my life verse. I am so grateful for the opportunity to purchase one of these dolls. The women behind this company are so generous to others as well, please check out their site to see what they are up to. I feel so blessed.

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