Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let it Snow!!

Well we have had our share of snow here in Ohio for the past 5 days. We have had close to 15 inces of snow. Abby got out of school early on Friday and today they had no school. Here our some pictures of the winter fun.

Here is Daddy and his little girl trying to make a snowman

Across the cul de sac is Abby,Will and cousin Maggie shoveling driveways and wiping off snow from cars.

We decided to try snow icecream for the first time

Add some vanilla

Then some sugar

Here comes the Milk and then stir!

Will added some chocolate syrup

Abby was happy with plain vanilla

It was pretty good ice cream. We have had fun in the snow but I would be happy for a little break. Not sure if we will have school tommorrow or not.

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