Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sometimes I forget all the cute/funny things my kids do or say. My parents or in-laws will ask "Did the kids do anything funny lately?" and I'll think yeah they did but I forget. So part of recognizing the simple blessings in my life is taking the time to remember these funny/special sayings or doings of my kids. I hope that I can be better at recording these things in my blog for the enjoyment of my family, myself and for my kids when they are older.

This past weekend Abby and Will did at Valentine scavenger hunt at Mike's cousins. For the last clue they had to go to the bathtub. Abby yells down that they couldn't find the clue(post-it note) in the tub. We asked her if there was anything in the tub and she said yeah there are presents. We laughed so hard, she was so focased on the clues that she didn't realize the prize at the end. I am so glad that Abby is often grateful for the adventure rather than the prize. Will however is all about the presents.

This weekend also Will was laying in my bed with me in the morning. He looks at me and says "Mom, I love you so much. I will never break your heart." I hugged and kissed that kid to pieces. I know that that will probably not be true but now I at least have this written down so I can remind him of his promise.

Thank you Lord for these special moments with my children. They say so much about who they are and who I pray they will become. Please help me be a model of your character Lord so they might model it in their own lives. Today at my church's prayer group for moms we talked about how hard it is to be Christ like for our children but that it is such an important thing to do. Grant me your strength to be the mom you designed me to be so that my kids might know more of you each day.

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