Friday, May 29, 2009

Children's rooms

Well I haven't posted the last two Fridays because it was Dining Rooms and Guest Rooms. Needless to say those were not one of the favorite rooms in my house so I spared others from having to see them. I do however love my daughter's room.

Abby's room was the only room we had painted when we moved into our house. I hired professional painters to do it since I wanted the border and the dots. It turned out really cute and I hope she doesn't grow out of it too soon. Her bedding is Pottery barn and her bed is an old bed from my in-laws that my mom painted white for me. I would love to get her a new bed with a trundle eventually.

Abby has a small alcove in her room so I had them paint it hot pink. Abby wanted her whole room hot pink so I compromised. I got the butterflies from Pottery barn as well as the flower pictures. The dressers in Abby's are my old dressers. I found some cute hardware at Anthropolgie to update them a little.

Here is an upclose shot of the paint job. They did a great job, I never would have been able to do it myself. Hope you enjoyed Abby's room. Will's room is the typical boy room but nothing too fancy to reveal to the blogging world.


Aimee said...

Cute room! I love the bedding!

Jenny said...

Lovely room! I have an Abby too!

Caroline said...

Cute cute! Must say I love the pink!

Courtney said...

Adorable room. Love the paint job, it was definetly worth the money to hire painters, they did a great job!