Sunday, September 20, 2009

I guess some things don't go together

My kids love brownies. My kids love peanut butter chips. I get great idea to bake brownies with peanut butter chips in them. My kids decide that baked peanut chips in their brownies is not a good thing. So much for trying to combine the best of both worlds. Luckily Mommy thinks they go together great and will be eating the rest of the brownies by herself this week.

This weekend we had alot of fun. On Friday night we went out to The Montgomery Inn and had a fabulous dinner. Mike ate way more barbecued meat then should be allowed. After dinner we walked over to the toy store. Mike decided that purchasing a whoopie cushion would be great fun. We brought it home, each kid tried it once. Then Will thought it would be fun to jump on it, whoopie cushion busts completely to threads. Abby starts crying because she no longer has hours of entertainment before her. Will starts crying because he feels bad that he busted it. Mike and I are laughing that a whoopie cushion could cause such extreme emotions in our children.

Saturday Abby and Will had their soccer games. Abby scored two goals, she was super excited. During the second half of the game, Abby was lolli-gagging around and I told her she needed to pick it up. She tells me "Mom, I already scored two goals". We had a little talk afterwards about what it means to be on a team. Later we all headed to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was very cute and very short. It had a nice message about being who you are and about telling your kids you love them and are proud of the them. It was well done and we were so happy to have a family friendly movie to see.

We were all happy that the Buckeyes won, USC lost and the Bengals won. Will and Mike played football today and Mike taught Will how to fake. Abby and I went shoe shopping and got her some cute black dress shoes as well as some skecher twinkle toes that she just had to have. How could I resist purchasing tennis shoes with rhinestone studded toes and charms hanging from the laces.

Our weekend wouldn't be complete without attending church today. Our pastor is teaching from John, the same book we are studying in BSF. I love it when God does things like this. I know I am supposed to be paying attention to what God is revealing to me about Jesus Christ through the book of John. Now I will be sure to get it. Thankyou Lord for allowing me to worship you today, thanks for always being present in our lives. Thanks for the blessing of being able to call your son my savior!!!

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