Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Perfect Timing?

Well today Abby had school pictures. Normally this is a very exciting today, but since last night Abby had a crash on her scooter and caught herself with her face, not so much.

This is how Abby's face looked last night after we cleaned her up.

This is how she looked today for pictures. Luckily they have retakes and class pictures do not take place until the Spring. It really could have been alot worse so we are so grateful that a few scabs is all she ended up with.

Abby was a real sport about it. She was worried about her pictures and I told her that she would have a chance to have them redone. She scuffed up her knee pretty good as well and she had already had scabs on her knees from a fall last week. Needless to say she is not allowed to play chasing games with the neighbors any more to ensure we do not have any more incidents for a while. I will be grateful for pants weather, her poor little legs are all scabbed up.

In other news I have found a great new salad kit by Dole. It is called Southwest salad and comes with dressing, cheese and seasoned wonton strips. I add fritos to it and some additional cheese and it is perfect. Tonight I made taco meat with it and we had a great taco salad. So if you are looking for something easy with a little zing then I definitely recommend it.

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